Kings County Distillery Tour

A rare occurrence: a restaurant professional having a Saturday off. What to do? What to do?

Visit a distillery, of course! At that — the only (and self-touted oldest) whiskey distillery in NYC! (It opened in April 2010)

Whilst scouring the internet and checking up on statuses of my ever-growing list of bookmarks, I happened on the “Weekend Fare” blog post by Bao Ong on the NYT Diner’s Journal Blog. Normally I’ll take a peek at what’s being offered this weekend for “normal” people with “normal” hours who luxuriate in two days off in a row on a weekly basis and enviously drool over “free-this” and “$3-that” while I am parting my hair just so and preparing for a shift full of pouring wine, organizing silverware and dealing with egos of varying sizes and intensities all the while maintaining composure in front of my tables…end rant.

This Saturday, suffice it to say, was different. I was able to hobnob with the 9-5ers and take Mr. Ong up on his suggestion of visiting the Kings County Distillery for their free tour and $3 tastings of whiskey.

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“ I have two pipe bombs in the bag.
Pass all the cash quickly.
No dye packs. ”

male, 49, Apple Bank, Flushing NC $1085

(via banknotes)

Swine Flu & Graduation: A REAL EMAIL

A real email I received from my college:

MASSMAIL - Handshaking at Commencement

Robert D. Palinkas, M.D.

to All show details 5:28 PM (14 minutes ago) ReplyFollow up message

To: Faculty, Staff, Students
From: Robert D. Palinkas, M.D.
Director, McKinley Health Center
Subject: Handshaking at Commencement

Because of ongoing concerns about the possibility of spreading the flu
virus, students receiving degrees and their families should not shake
hands at Commencement if they have symptoms of an upper respiratory
infection such as fever and cough.

McKinley Health Center will provide hand sanitizer on the platform at the
Assembly Hall ceremonies so that graduates can, if they wish, use it
before and/or after receiving their degrees. Members of the official
platform party also are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer provided.

Everyone is encouraged to observe the other guidelines to reduce the risk
of infection, such as covering coughs and sneezes; avoiding touching eyes,
mouth and nose; and washing hands frequently.

Robert D. Palinkas, M.D.

This mailing approved by:
The Office of the Chancellor

The Streets, never my favorite group, but they (he) always ends up creating a song every now and then that I find to be particularly catchy. I would imagine largely due to his accent, but this song is definitely a burst of poppiness with a moderately insightful third verse. The video…enh, song…reminds me of what the weather in heaven would be like, assuming it has a proper atmosphere of its own.

Saw this little ditty when I was working the European Independent Film Festival. The background music is two girls singing a traditional tribal song…I apologize I forget the area of the world. Nonetheless, it’s a rather poignant film, wouldn’t you agree?